Welcome to Greasorber

  • Whether it is hamburgers, bacon, chicken, fish or french fries, the problem – what to do with the leftover fats, oils or grease creates a situational need for a Greasorber
  • Pouring the leftover fats, oils or grease (F.O.G.) down the drain creates major sewer and infrastructure problems
  • Municipalities across the United States spend millions each year repairing or maintaining sewer lines as a result of clogs caused by fats, oil or grease used in cooking
  • Pouring grease onto the ground, a common practice, will ultimately contaminate our water supply and is harmful to the surface vegetation
  • Storing grease in cans, a messy means of dealing with the issue, will ultimately end up in the landfill creating additional environmental contamination

Quick, Easy, Clean and GREEN

  • Greasorber was developed to be a quick, easy, clean and GREEN way to deal with F.O.G.
  • After cooking, allow the grease, oil or fat to cool for 5-10 minutes
  • Prepare the Greasorber for use by folding the tabs up and through the slits in the pad
  • The tabs allow for easy placement of the Greasorber into the skillet and removal to the trash can
  • Greasorber can be used as a handy spoon rest while cooking and under a strainer when draining grease
  • Greasorber will absorb up to 8 ounces (1 cup) of fats, oils or grease
  • A second Greasorber can be used for additional absorbency
  • Allow the Greasorber to soak up the F.O.G. for a minute or two

To the Trash Can

  • Greasorber can then be placed into the trash can
  • Eliminates the messy spills of grease during transportation to the landfill
  • Many waste management companies limit the amount of fats, oils or grease that a household can generate for pick up to 1 pint

No more MESSY Pouring and Storing

Green Revolution Inc. challenges everyone to “be part of the solution”
by following these simple suggestions:

  • Scrape food scraps into a trash can or garbage bag
  • Avoid using a garbage disposal
  • Non-meat and dairy food items may be placed in a compost pile
  • Use Greasorber to absorb oils or grease from a skillet or pan, then place into the garbage
  • Wipe off excess grease from skillet or pan with a paper towel
  • Prewash greasy dishes and pans with cold water---NOT HOT WATER—before placing into the dishwasher
  • Don’t pour cooking oil and grease down the drain nor onto the ground
  • Don’t put food scraps or fats, oils, or grease down the drain or toilet